Monday, August 23, 2010

Geometric Tolerance for the iPhone

Found an "app" for the iphone to reference geometric tolerancing symbols. I was really excited when I found the "app" and a few other "apps" by the developer but quickly soured on it after seeing what the "app" was. Basically it is simply pictures put on a menu system that the guy had built for his company's use and then thought: "hey, I could make a buck to two by selling these on the apple app store!" To his credit the geometric tolerance "app" is free but he does charge for the other "apps" he has listed on the app store. When you look at his page on the store the only feedback is of angry people wanting their money back or to keep someone else from losing a buck. I guess that's why I am posting this as well. He probably should not continue in the iphone application business and just stay in the machine shop. It isn't actually worth even free status. My recommendation is to forget it and get a book on machining practices instead.


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